About Us Vice Chancellor's Message

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Muslim University of Morogoro. I applaud all of you for getting the opportunity to join higher learning institution, and specifically, selecting MUM as your choice. MUM is determined to be a higher education centre of excellence with cutting edge programmes, responsive to the needs of the individual and the nation in a globalized world under the guidance of Islamic moral values. 

The University has a variety of long and short term programmes that suit alleviating development challenges in Tanzania by equipping them with required skills and competences while ensuring the higher academic standard. The programmes are now ranging from Certificate to Degree levels to grasp the demand of all academic levels of the Tanzanian society. 

MUM is fervently investing to ensure its goals are realised by harnessing its academic staff in delivering the required standard for development. It has sent about a dozen of its academic staff for Master and PhD studies as a way developing their capacities, which is vastly recommended to the prosperity of any University. 

Moreover, MUM has mutual relations with several higher learning institutions within and outside the country. Such kind of relationship gives the opportunity to the University to receive some experts from different Universities as well as granting students and lecturers opportunity to study abroad especially, China. 

The University is always proud of its graduates as echoes of their performances have been flowing from different directions - both public and private sectors. Having such kind of reflection, the University and you - the students; continuing and new, are indebted to maintain or rather surpass the pleasant records registered in the society, by working smartly and responsibly, with a superb spirit of discipline you’re academic endeavours.

 It is our expectation, therefore, that, the new and continuing students will put much effort in studies by ensuring cordial relations in both vertical and horizontal pathways, as well as observing Islamic moral conducts, as enshrined in the University Objectives, Vision, Mission and Core Values.

 Enjoy your studies with Muslim University of Morogoro.