Business Studies

This is one of the new Faculties and focuses on teaching and research within the fields of business economics and administration. Successful completion of the programme leads to the award of a degree, Bachelor of Business Studies.

The Faculty programme provides a broad and comprehensive understanding of all business management functions and strategy skills and structured without requiring students to undertake a full specialization in subject areas such Financial Management and Accounting, Strategic management, Corporate Analysis, Microeconomics, Human Resources, Business law and Ethics, Economics, Business communication skills, Business Research and Statistics, Management Organization Principles, Marketing and International Business, and Islamic Finance, and Information and Computer science. This understanding across all industries during business education trainingis meant to give students the competitive edge in their career and make meaningful contributions to sustainable development of the work institutions. During the course of study, students also engage in field attachment for at least two months. Just before completing their study, the programme provides a range of study options in which students choose electives or specialization courses to suit their individual requirements and help them struggle intoday’s competitive marketplace.

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