Muslim University of Morogoro offers the following degree programmes:-

        1. Bachelor of Arts (Education)

        2. Bachelor of Languages and Interpretation

        3. Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication)

        4. Bachelor of Islamic Studies with Education

        5. Bachelor of Science with Education

        6. Bachelor of Business Studies

        7. Bachelor of Laws with Shariah


       Also the University offers Diploma and Certificate programmes. Currently the programmes offered are:-


         1. Diploma & Certificate in SCience and Laboratory Technology

        2.  Diploma & Certificate in Journalism

        3.  Diploma & Certificate in Islamic Banking an Finance

        4.  Diploma & Certificate in procurement & Logistics Management

         5. Diploma & Certificate in Law & Shariah

         6. Diploma & Certificate in Accounting

         7. Certificate in Chinese Language

         8. Certificate in Sign Language

        9.  Certificate in Arabic Language


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