Usually, new students are admitted between October and November of every year. The academic year consists of seven months. [These dates may be changed by circumstances].

    Registration can only be considered if the University receives satisfactory evidence that the candidate will be adequately financed during his/her course at the University. Applicants from other countries who are in need of financial assistance to meet fees and other expenses are advised to apply for bursaries from their respective governments, employers or other sponsoring agencies.

    During the orientation week, all submitted academic documents will be thoroughly checked for the purpose of registration.  Prospective students are therefore required to bring with them official original transcripts, certificates, and other relevant documents as declared on the application forms. Legal action shall be taken against any applicant who presents forged documents. The medium of instruction at the University is English. Thus, prospective students must have reading, writing and speaking proficiency in English.

     Admission to the University is conditional upon presentation of satisfactory medical report being received by the University. Prospective Foreign students must necessarily seek and obtain police clearance from their respective countries and a residence permit from the Ministry responsible for immigration and submit them to the Admissions Office.

     Foreign students applying for admission should submit 10 black and white passport size photos, while Tanzanian students should submit three photos only.Deadline of registration for first year and continuing students shall be three weeks from the first date of Orientation  Week. Fees once paid shall not be refunded. All students if admitted are required to conform entirely to the University Charter, as well as Rules and Regulations, which may be issued, from time to time, by the University Council and Senate. Students should carry with them enough money for contingencies. Except in  circumstances, no student shall be allowed to change courses or subjects later than the fourth week after the beginning of the respective semester of the academic year.

    A candidate who has previously attended any University and was discontinued on academic grounds may be admitted to this University after being tested/examined and proved that she/he is capable of carrying out studies.  A candidate who was discontinued on academic grounds wishing to re-apply in the same Faculty shall be re-admitted if he/she produces evidence which satisfies the University Senate that he/she has done some further studies and she/he is capable of following University studies.

     A candidate discontinued on academic grounds from one degree programme may be allowed to apply into another degree programme provided that the sponsor and the University Senate approve. The Senate shall determine the mode of entry into the other degree programme. Candidates discontinued from other universities on disciplinary grounds or on grounds of an examination irregularity, which include cheating in the examination, possession of unauthorised material in the examination room, or cheating to gain admission shall not be admitted to this University. 

     Students discontinued from studies on grounds of examination irregularity shall be considered for re-admission into the same programme and year of study after being away for two years. They shall be required to apply for re-admission through their respective Heads of Departments and Faculty Deans. It is upon the University Senate to grant or refuse the re-admission. Such students may also be required by Senate to re-apply and compete with other applicants for admission into the first year regardless which year they left the University. A candidate who was discontinued on academic grounds wishing to re-apply in the same Faculty shall be re-admitted if he/she has done some further studies and she/he is capable of following University studies. Any candidate who will be shown to have cheated to gain admission shall be expelled from the University. 

     No students will be allowed to postpone studies except under special circumstances such as severe sponsorship problems, poor health or social problems, and this must be supported by satisfactory material/medical evidence. Students may be allowed to be away from University studies for a maximum period of two years, if they are to be re-admitted into the same programme and year of studies where they left off. No student shall be allowed to register for more than one programme at the same period at this University. Students must complete all formalities, or seek, advice and be allowed to terminate, or freeze registration in one programme before being admitted into another programme provided that the change is effected within three weeks after the first day of orientation week in the respective semester of study.

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