How does it look like to be MUM student?

A MUM student shall be the one who are self-motivated with the courage of achieving their goals at the University by being self-dependent learner, curious, self aware and be able to manage their time. 

Housing and Dining.

Muslim University of Morogoro provides comfortable housing to the Students. The University offers hostel for female students only, and this is because of the increasing of the female students at the Campus. For male students, there are houses which is leased to an entrepreneurs that has been approved by the University. So the students may rent room from the entrepreneurs.
Also, the University has cafeteria which serves meals for the students. Since University hostels do not provide cooking facilities, students are not allowed to prepare meals in the University hostels. 

Athletics and Recreation

Athletics and recreation play important role in students academic performance and attaining good health. In achieving this, the University provides very good facilities and opportunities for a wide range of sports and recreation. In the University there are playground for volleyball, netball, football and even basketball.
The University also supports their students in their inter-class and  inter-institutional games according to the available resources. MUM intends to improve the standards of the facilities and associated services available in matching with increasing demands and importance.

Faith, Diversity and Inclusion

Despite the University is dominated under the Rules and Principles of Islam, but the students have complete freedom of religious worship. For Muslims, there is a mosque within campus, they use it in every period of worship. For those who are not Muslims are allowed to go the nearest worship building outside the campus. The students should follow rules despite their diversity in terms of religious. The university also promotes effective interaction and promotes religious tolerances amongst religious and other social groups in the community.

Health and Wellness

In order to maintain the healthy of the students and staff at the University. The Muslim University of Morogoro has a Dispensary in the Campus.The dispensary operates during official hours from 08.00am to 04.00pm from Monday to Friday. However, plans are under way to extend the medical services in the weekends and during the night time. Emergency cases at the dispensary are referred to other Hospitals in Morogoro Town, or to other private hospitals.

Students' Union

An Organisation is a social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. Muslim University of Morogoro has a Students Union "Muslim University of Morogoro Students Organisation" (MUMSO), where all students at the University are members of this Organisation soon after being registered as a MUM student. This organisation is under the  office of Dean of the students. This organisation is the important bridge between the students and the University management.
The Organisation  contributes much in the development of the University, since it contributes to the decision making on matters that affect students’ welfare, entertainment , games and sports and social activities.