Meet our University strongest leadership who are self motivated with the urge to bring in changes at the University. This leadership ensure that you achieve all of your goals and all your dreams will become true while you are at the University.


Professor, Ambassador, Abillahi Omari,

Vice Chancellor

Professor, Hamza M. Njozi,

Chairperson of the Council

Mr. Hashim Saiboko,
M.A. (Ed.), UDSM.


Deputy Vice Chancellor-Academic

Dr. Abdalla Y. Tego (Lecturer) ,
PhD (Islamic Banking and Finance) (IUA-Sudan).

Deputy Vice Chancellor-Administration & Finance

Dr. Salum H. Hamisi, (Lecturer),
PhD (Demography) (IUA, Khartoum).

Dean of Students

Mr. Kassim A. Umba ,
BA (Ed.) & MA. (Ed.) (UDSM);
MA. (Counseling) (Reading).

Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Salim Kh. Mohamed (Lecturer),
PhD (Curr and Teaching Methods -Arabic Lang.)

Dean, Faculty of Science

Dr. Athuman Y. Ngenya (Senior Lecturer),
PhD. (Chemistry), (Sandwich Programme),

Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies

Dr Ali Ame Machano,
PhD in Shariah (IUA)

Dean, Faculty of Business Administration

.Dean’s office:
Dr. Issa Salim Moh’d (Lecturer);
Ph.D. in Islamic Banking and Finance, IIUM,
Master of Science in Islamic Banking and Finance, IIUM,

 Associate Dean:
Ms. Farida R. Lowasa (Assistant Lecturer);
Bachelor of Business Management (BU),
Master of Finance and Accounting (JNC),

Dean, Faculty of Law and Sharia'h

Mr. Tawaqal J. Hussein (Assistant Lecturer),
M.A. Islamic Sharia'h (Islamic Univ. Uganda)